About Designers:

Fervent in love with fashion design as her most important thing in life, Rainie Choi is well-experienced in the sales industry of Haute Couture; whilst ALo Lo is a Hair Stylist and Image Designer, working for fashion show and hair show home and abroad. Both Rainie and ALo took the course “Diploma in Fashion Design and Production” in Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, and got the first prize and third prize respectively in Graduation show 2012 and 2011.

After the graduation, they were both invited to CPTTM fashion incubator program, working as fashion designer for two years. Both designers are active participants in fashion design competition, exhibitions and events. In the fashion design contest "Dress Informal Summer - Let's All Save Energy!” Rainie got the first prize in 2012 while Alo the second in 2013. With a common goal and passion in fashion, the two designers establish their own brand AURALO ARTE,The first series was Spring/Summer 2014 fashion collection

About Brand:

AURALO ARTE is established by ALo Lo and Rainie Choi, and the brand style is to make trendy, unique and practical costumes with the concept of madness and black.

AURALO – named by their mentor who likes the beautiful evolution from black to colorful, just like the aurora dancing in the darkness.

ARTE – means haute couture making methods will be employed in every details and believing every costume is an art piece. Thus, their brand AURALO ARTE was born. Besides, for the logo, the letter L on the left represents Lo while the letter R on the right represents R, symbolizing the irreplaceable helping hands of AURALO ARTE